My Favorite Film Production Company Video Logo

Posted by AJ Harbison at 12:17 am

Of all the short video logos I’ve seen for film production companies (you know, the three or four or more short little deals that show up right before the opening credits of every movie), my favorite is the one for Castle Rock Entertainment. I like the piano, I like the winds, I really like the chord progression. You can find a video of the video logo here.



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    Darth_Harbison on 06.13.2008

    Even more than the old muppets one where Kermit laughs??

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    Ryan Fleming on 06.13.2008

    Really nice! I don’t remember that movie logo. I also liked the piano piece and how it led into the full sound of the ensamble (way cool).

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    Mike Morabito on 06.17.2008

    Pretty cool. I’d love for you post some others so we could compare. Also, what do you think about the one at the beginning of the matrix that looks all warped and tripped out?

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