TLB Links Up With Amazon.com

Posted by AJ Harbison at 1:32 am

As you’ve no doubt noticed due to the “Amazon Links” sidebar, I am an Amazon.com Associate. What does this mean for you, the loyal TLB reader? Simply this: Every time I blog about a song, a CD, a movie, etc., I’ll add it to the “As Seen On TLB” sidebar box, where you’ll see it along with a short one or two sentence digest of my comments. If you’re interested in buying the song, CD, etc. for yourself, click on it in the box, and if you do end up buying it, I’ll get a small referral from Amazon. Don’t make any special purchases just for me; but if you do buy something from Amazon, go through my site. Even if you click through the box and then buy something else–anything at all on Amazon–it will still count towards my site. Also, whenever I link something in a post (like an album title) to an Amazon page, that will also grant me a referral if you click through it and buy something. So when you use Amazon, go through The Listening Blog and support a poor starving composer. (That is, one who is poor enough at composing that he needs a day job to keep himself from starving, like myself.)



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