New York Times Article On Electronic Instruments

Posted by AJ Harbison at 4:42 am

Peter Alexander, a fellow member with me of the Christian Fellowship of Art Music Composers, yesterday brought to the attention of the group this New York Times article (and I thought I’d share it with y’all):

“Turning Guitar Heroes Into Composers”

It talks about a new generation of electronic instruments, with the electronic instrument the theremin for heritage and the video game Guitar Hero for inspiration. It’s an interesting article, and its sidebars include some YouTube demonstrations of the instruments. Check it out.



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    Idhrendur on 07.16.2008

    If any of those catch on, I’m interested in how they will allow people to think about music. I’ve noticed before that the form of a person’s primary instrument affects their ability to learn various concepts (the best example is a flute player who had a hard time applying the concept of intervals to particular scales and chords. Playing a keyboard instrument, I had a very easy time doing jsut that).

    It’s much the same as the strength of different notational systems. The weakness of the notational systems is why I somewhat dislike Dance, Dance Revolution and despise Donkey Konga.

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    Mike Morabito on 07.16.2008

    This is pretty interesting. A lot of electronic musicians pride themselves on building their own instruments.

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