My Plans For The Weekend

Posted by AJ Harbison at 12:33 am

My lovely girlfriend is out of town for the weekend, and I remain in town, so the weekend that I would normally spend with her is now up for grabs. Since I’ve hardly done any composing since I moved to Irvine at the beginning of June, I think I may lock myself in my room and work on “Flutey and the Beast” for Jeff (title still a work in progress). And I also plan to blog. Upcoming topics include three CD reviews: Coldplay’s new CD Viva La Vida (a review highly anticipated by my brother), a CD by an independent Fullerton artist and a CD by one of my coworkers. So you can look forward to those and more over the weekend and next week. In the meantime, you can enjoy this post written a short while ago.

This is pretty cool. I discovered this on StumbleUpon: it’s electronic music using only sounds from Windows XP and 98. Pretty well done and fun to listen to. My favorite part is the login sound tuned down… and back into the rhythm. The middle of the song starts to remind me of Megaman music, which, for me, is an awesome plus rather than a diss. If you watch the whole video, it demonstrates which sounds are used and how he split some of them into multiple parts to create the sounds in the song. Interesting.



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    ryan fleming on 09.01.2008

    I love that you are taking some time to dedicate yourself to composing. I hope this weekend is very productive for you. I always love hearing your music so please keep me (and other interested readers of TLB) posted on anything new that you have written.

    With regards to the Windows themed musical piece, I really enjoyed it and got a good laugh. I though it was a fun piece that made good use of the different sounds within the windows environment. I did however think that the composer cheated a little by making pitch alterations of a few of the sounds. But, I suppose there would be no real way of making the piece at all interesting without adding different pitches.

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