"Clapping Canon," AJ Harbison

Posted by AJ Harbison at 4:26 am

One more clapping piece for your listening pleasure–and I promise, this one is cooler than the last one.

Our other clapping assignment in the composition class was to compose a clapping canon–where one voice (in Latin called the “dux” or “lead”) would begin, and the second voice (called the “comes,” or literally, “friend”) would imitate the first exactly. Kinda like “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” or “Three Blind Mice.” This piece sounds more interesting than the last one and has cooler rhythms because the interplay between the two (or rather four) hands is more specifically focused on interacting with each other, and more complicated because the imitative part is fixed based on the leading part, and the leading part then has to play something against what it just played a few measures before.

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(Just in case you were wondering how I did on these assignments: both of them got an “A” grade; the ostinato was also marked “Nice” and the canon “Good counterpoint.”)



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    Idhrendur on 09.13.2008

    This one also made me happy. And I notice that you’ve developed a good tibre to your claps…which seems to be uncommon for a non-percussionist.

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    AJ Harbison on 09.13.2008

    Hey Idhrendur,
    Thanks again! The professor teaching the composition class actually told us how to clap–a funny concept, perhaps, for a non-musician but one that makes perfect sense to musicians, especially percussionists. I still don’t have it down consistently, but perhaps with more practice….

    AJ Harbison

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    Idhrendur on 09.15.2008

    You’ll have to teach me sometime. I’ve developed a decent clap, but I always like doing better!

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