New Piece By Mozart Discovered In France!

Posted by AJ Harbison at 10:00 pm

Apparently a hitherto-unknown handwritten manuscript of Mozart’s has just been found in a French library in Nantes. It’s just a melodic sketch, missing harmony and notes about instrumentation; but they’re positive it’s Mozart, so it’s an exciting find all the same. Read all about it on MSN:

New Mozart piece of music found in French library

P.S. Check out the picture of the vice-mayor of Nantes included with the article. He looks like a crazy composer-type himself.



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    Desha on 09.19.2008

    I love this kind of stuff! so cool.

    I remember several years back when they found a previously unknown string quartet of Beethoven’s, found in the drawer of an estate in England. If I recall correctly the maid found it when cleaning out that section of the house.

    They played on tv live – the music was on the stands covered by cloth. The musicians took their seats, removed the cloth, an sight read the piece for its very first performance since its discovery.

    How cool is THAT??!!! And, yes, it was amazingly beautiful as you’d expect.

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    ryan fleming on 09.19.2008

    Interesting stories about Mozart and Beethoven. What an opportunity to sight read that piece, eh?

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