A Music-Filled Weekend

Posted by AJ Harbison at 10:34 pm

One of the vendors I work with asked me yesterday if I had any big plans for the weekend, and as I explained to her what I’d be doing, I realized that I have been and am going to be playing guitar. A lot.

First of all, this past Wednesday was the 2nd Annual Art Show at my company, Rauxa Direct. It was a free show whose participants were employees and friends and family of employees (basically anyone who wanted to enter), and although there was technically a contest it was really just an exhibition. It was pretty cool and I recruited several of my artistic friends to submit art pieces; I myself played guitar as a representative of a non-visual art. I played a two-song “showcase,” and then later a longer set as “background music,” although by that point there were only a few people left (one of which was my lovely and loyal girlfriend). It was a lot of fun performing, even if it was not the most flattering of venues, because I hadn’t played for a while. Pictures will be forthcoming next week and will show up on my website. (If you’d like to check out my photo gallery before then, feel free to click here.)

On to the weekend! Last night (Friday) I had a rehearsal slash jam session with my composer/percussionist friend Seán Dunnahoe, whom I mentioned in this post. We’re going to be auditioning for a performing gig at a place in Ladera Ranch on Tuesday night, performing a few of my original songs and a Dave Matthews Band cover. I’ll be playing guitar and singing, of course, and Seán will be rocking out on congas, bongos, shakers and Irish bones. (Bones are, by the way, THE single coolest instrument I have ever seen played. And Seán ROCKS on them.)

On Saturday, I’ll be in Redlands playing guitar and singing with the Jeff Mercer Band at the Saturday night River of Worship service (I wrote a TLB post about the band here). It looks like we’ll probably be playing “Just As I Am” again, as well as some more of the Jeff Mercer Band original songs that are being worked on for the CD.

Then on Sunday morning, I’ll be back in the OC, playing guitar and singing for the first time with the worship band at the church that my lovely girlfriend and I attend. That should be exciting as well.

My fingers are going to be rather sore, come Sunday afternoon….



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    Rachel! on 10.19.2008

    That’s exciting! And truly is a music-filled weekend.

    Good luck auditioning Tuesday. I’m sure you guys are going to rock the casbah. Or just rock in general, ya know, whatev.

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    Darth_Harbison on 10.19.2008

    What songs did you play during the exhibition?

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    AJ Harbison on 10.21.2008

    Thanks for your confidence! I’m looking forward to playing with Sean. Rest assured there will be an update here afterwards….

    For the showcase I played “Too Far” and “Who I Am.” For the background music I played a bunch of other originals, as well as some Coldplay, a Matchbox Twenty, a Dave Matthews….

    AJ Harbison

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