BeachFire Audition

Posted by AJ Harbison at 5:06 pm

My very talented friend Seán Dunnahoe found a posting on Craigslist a week or two ago, calling for acoustic solo and group acts to audition for a live and possibly weekly gig at a bar’n'grill called the BeachFire in Ladera Ranch. So he suggested that he and I get together, work up some of my original songs and jam there. So we did.

Tuesday night was the audition, which we discovered was really more of an open mike event. The general manager was there and listening, so in that sense he was gauging the acts to see whom he might want to hire; but there were plenty of customers there listening as well, and it was just like playing a short set on stage.

Seán plays hand percussion (as well as drum set and a zillion other instruments), so he brought congas, bongos, a fish-skin tamborine and (as I mentioned before) Irish bones, which I called “clickety things” for the benefit of our listeners during the set. We were the first band to play, after a “house band” guitar player warmed up for us. We did five songs altogether: “Who I Am,” “Too Far,” “Remember,” a Dave Matthews Band song called “Grey Street,” and as an encore my all-time most popular song “Coastin’”. We rocked it–I did a good job playing and singing, and Seán was awesome as I knew he would be. We got lots of compliments afterwards; many people asked us how long we had been playing together, and were subsequently surprised when we told them this was our first gig. “He’s played stuff before, I’ve played stuff before, but this is the first time we’ve played together.”

The BeachFire’s general manager told us that he’s pretty much booked through January; but he said he would get back to us at that time and see what his schedule looked like, and I said we’d be more than happy to fill in if he had a last-minute cancellation. He seemed to like what we did, and I know that if we were to be hired to play it would be a paying gig; so we’ll see what happens in January!



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    rumcreeters on 10.27.2008

    Neat! I wish I could have been there to support you guys. My plan:
    1. Pretend I don’t personally know you.
    2. Sit near the manager.
    3. Loudly (but not too loudly, I have to believably pass off #1) exclaim how good you guys are.
    4. Order food and say, “Do these guys play here all the time? In that case, I’m definitely coming here more often!” (in a believable manor).

    But I’m sure you guys did just fine without me. Let us know when you do get a gig. Even though I probably won’t be able to make it because of my geographical difficulties.

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