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Posted by AJ Harbison at 1:42 am

I learned on Tuesday night at the BeachFire audition that Seán has a website set up now. I mentioned his senior recital way back in my post on the Vox Balaenae principle, and when I wrote the post in May I asked him if he had a website that I could link to in the post. He didn’t at the time, but he does now, so I would be remiss if I didn’t link to it here. You can find his page at:


He has the recordings from his senior recital posted there, and I encourage you to listen to them. The first and third pieces from the recital, Structum and Corcaigh, are on the Jazz Music page; Textural Study, the piece I mentioned in my post, can be found on the Concert Music page. You can also find program notes on each of the three pieces here. As I wrote about, his style of writing isn’t always easy to listen to; but I guarantee it will broaden your listening horizons.



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    Rauta Tanwënya on 10.29.2008

    I’m glad he gave you permission! I was wanting SOMEONE to advertise for him :D

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    Rauta Tanwënya on 10.29.2008

    the link is set up as thelisteningblog… blah blah, in any case it doesn’t work! Fix it now I say!

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    AJ Harbison on 10.29.2008

    I’m so sorry! Mea culpa! The address I set up in the HTML was incorrect. My bad; but it’s fixed now and should be functioning correctly. Thanks for pointing that out–and I am more than happy to advertise for him!

    AJ Harbison

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