Mash up: Gershwin vs. Schoenberg

Posted by AJ Harbison at 9:38 pm

In a similar vein to this post, one of my fellow CFAMCers pointed us to this piece, a sort of art music mash-up. In typical mash-up music, components of one song–say, the chords and the rhythmic groove–are layered with a component of a completely different song–say, the vocals–to make up one piece. (Click here for a cool example of a mash up from the blog of my friend Jason Rasmussen.) In this piece, George Gershwin‘s instantly recognizable song “I Got Rhythm” is “mashed up” with a variety of pieces by Arnold Schoenberg of the Second Viennese School. The different photos that alternate in the video indicate whose music is being played at the time. Enjoy!



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    Courtney on 11.18.2008

    That’s tight.

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