My Speakers Live!

Posted by AJ Harbison at 3:12 am

Earlier this year, I acquired a pair of Pioneer CS-G404 speakers for 40 bucks at a garage sale in Redlands. I brought them down a month or so after moving into my apartment in Irvine in June, but I didn’t know how to hook them up so they just sat there looking imposing (they’re each about 2.5 feet tall and 1.5 feet wide) for a long time.

I took a trip to RadioShack two months or so ago, and asked them how to hook the speakers up to our HDTV, cable receiver box and DVD player. Note to self: Go to RadioShack for purchases, not advice. The associate who helped me steered me in several wrong directions and I ended up with a bunch of cables–complicated cables that involved me putting them together, no less–that did absolutely nothing to make my speakers work.

Ryan Fleming, who is one of my best commenters on this blog, finally came over one night with an audio receiver/amplifier that he owned, and proved that my speakers did in fact work. Turns out that the TV by itself doesn’t have enough energy to power the speakers; you need another device (i.e. the receiver) to amplify the signal and power the speakers themselves. This led to another long lull in the story, as I didn’t want to put forward the money to purchase a receiver for myself (I had other big purchases in mind at the time, like a diamond ring) and I was kinda waiting on someone else who maybe might perhaps be able to provide me with a free one.

But in the end, my roommate and best-man-to-be Mike Morabito came through–or rather, his brother did. He and his brother both used to do quite a bit of DJing, and receivers are very important in that line of work as well as in the TV-to-speakers line. So randomly a few nights ago, Mike’s brother asks him, “Hey dude, do you want this receiver?” So Mike took the receiver and brought it back to our apartment. After a bit of fiddling around with it on Wednesday night, I discovered that all I needed was to leave everything connected as it currently was–and then simply run an RCA cable out from the TV into the receiver, and then run speaker wire from the receiver to each of the speakers. And it came to pass that I did so; and it came to pass that my speakers woke from their long dormancy to rock my apartment with their excellent sound. So now TV, movies, and music will sound so much better. I can’t wait!



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