Acapulco Music

Posted by AJ Harbison at 2:41 am

Last week my friend and coworker Doug and I went out to eat at an Acapulco restaurant for lunch. It’s billed as a “Mexican Restaurant Y Cantina,” and as you might expect most of the background music they played had lyrics in Spanish. But I remarked to Doug that much of the music, apart from the language of the lyrics, had absolutely nothing in it to distinguish it from mainstream American pop music. The same drum beats, the same chord progressions, the same instrumentation. And the songs I listened to more closely certainly had nothing to distinguish them from American pop music in quality–just the same boring, hackneyed pop that is one of the reasons I despise radio. I love my country, and I’m all for music incorporating elements of other cultures; but I was disappointed to discover that some Mexican pop music has been all but assimilated into some of the lamest and most generic American pop.



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