If You Didn't Get Enough Lights This Christmas…

Posted by AJ Harbison at 11:59 pm

… go check out the Christmas post at The Rum Creeters. My friend (and soon-to-be in-law) Rachel is one of the contributors, and I always enjoy reading the blog. One of the authors, Erin, discovered a house with an outrageous Christmas light display–timed to music on a radio frequency the house’s owners had apparently bought for the holidays. The lights flash in time and in different groups with the rhythms of the music (the first song is the Peanuts rag “Linus and Lucy,” and the second one is a rock song I don’t recognize). Pretty impressive. Normally I’d embed the videos here, but since I secretly want to promote their blog as well I’ll just give you a link to the post:

The Creeters’ First Christmas

Enjoy, and merry Christmas again!



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    rumcreeters on 01.08.2009

    Rock on! Thanks for the secret plug. Haha. =)

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