Midnight Hour Live, Time The Fourth

Posted by AJ Harbison at 8:30 pm

(Before I get into this post I’d like to throw out congratulations to the Detroit Lions, the first NFL team ever to win 0 games and lose 16 in a single season. Here’s to perfection!)

I went out again to see Midnight Hour at the Detroit Bar on Monday night–their last show there in their December residency. (You can see all my previous posts on Midnight Hour by clicking here.) Unfortunately no TLB readers took me up on my offer to show up and get a free drink, but I enjoyed myself nonetheless.

The opening band was called Janu and the Whale Sharks, a local OC indie band. Brad (my friend and the frontman for Midnight Hour) said that he’d heard good things about them, and he and I were both pretty impressed. They started off with a banjo, which is pretty awesome in and of itself, and we liked their sound. Their Myspace page lists their genre as “Folk Rock / Lyrical / Healing & Easy Listening;” I don’t know what “lyrical” or “healing” music is, but it was definitely folk rock, and it was much better than the type of music that’s typically referred to as “easy listening.” Worth a quick Myspace listen. Dynamite Walls also performed again.

And then Midnight Hour was up. Throughout the Mondays in December, the Detroit Bar had some Christmas lights on the stage, snaking along the floor, wrapping around amps and crawling up mike stands. But tonight they rearranged them, to great effect, and spelled out the band’s name:

The band was great again, of course. I recognized all the songs from the previous weeks, and they played the songs the same way, but their energy and passion in playing makes hearing even the same songs worth it. They also played an encore at the behest of the audience. I mentioned in passing in one of my previous posts that Brad played a solo acoustic encore at two of the shows; the last time I went there weren’t enough cries for an encore to get one. But this time the full band played the encore and that was a pleasant surprise.

I tried to record several videos with my cell phone, but none of them turned out good enough to be postable. So you’ll just have to content yourself with the band’s YouTube channel and the other ways to listen to their music I detailed in this post. I’m excited to get their album when it finally comes out, and see them play more live shows in the near future–hopefully ones that start earlier than 11 pm! I’ll let you know if I hear anything more about the band–if there’s any news about their album or more shows coming up. And in the meantime, have a fun, safe and very Happy New Year!



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