Midnight Hour Recorded

Posted by AJ Harbison at 6:19 am

I forgot to include in my last post that Midnight Hour’s website, www.midnighthourmusic.com, which is actually a custom-domain-hosted Myspace page, has on it all three songs that are on the demo CD that I’ve been listening to and that I referenced in the post. The three songs are “This Is Where It Ends,” “Becoming Who We Are,” and “Can’t Get Away From You.”

However, I’ve been having some trouble loading the Myspace player on my computer. If this problem happens to you, fear not, because there are other ways you can hear their music (other than the ways I listed in the last post). They also have a Facebook music page, where you can become a fan of theirs and watch two videos of acoustic performances. The two videos are “Becoming Who We Are” and “Queen Annie,” which Brad actually performed solo at the end of the show on Monday and which I enjoyed very much.

And finally you can check them out at their page on PureVolume; there you can find the four songs (the three mentioned above plus “Running Away”) that are on the Myspace page.

So there are your options! Go listen and enjoy!



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