Posted by AJ Harbison at 7:19 pm

I work in a small office across the street from my company’s main office in Costa Mesa, and I walk back and forth to the main office once a day or so. I just headed over there to make a dropoff, and on my way back I noticed some birds singing in the trees by the side of the road. Birdsong is a sound I unfortunately hear only seldomly here in Orange County, often drowned out by the constant hum of freeways and cars on busy streets. But because of that, it’s a beautiful and refreshing sound–and a peaceful one, even when the birds themselves are chattering excitedly. Good for the soul.

And in that vein, I’d like to present you with the same sound. In March of last year, I came across a post on A Payne Hollow Visit, a blog that I often disagree with but read in order to acquaint myself with an opposing point of view. The author posted the video embedded below, a soundtrack of birdsong and flowing water with still photos of trees and creeks near his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. At the time I enjoyed the video very much and it felt very refreshing. I hope it feels the same to you!



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    Dan Trabue on 01.16.2009

    Thanks, AJ. This time of year, we start longing for some of those sounds, at least around these parts.

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