Raves At Stonehenge

Posted by AJ Harbison at 8:57 pm

MSN.com today is featuring a story regarding an acoustic study of Stonehenge, the mysterious ancient stone monument in England. The original purpose of Stonehenge has baffled researchers for centuries, but this new study suggests that the stones may have been intentionally placed to reflect and amplify sound. Check it out!

“Stonehenge: One Totally Awesome Rave Location”



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    Idhrendur on 01.08.2009

    Interesting. And awesome. Go ancient peoples!

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    Mike Morabito on 01.09.2009

    very interesting. I like how they can do the beat counting and determine that the bpms were 160. haha.

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    Idhrendur on 01.09.2009

    I suspect it’s pretty much like figuring out resonances. The math is quite simple, actually.

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