TLB: Now Available On Twitter!

Posted by AJ Harbison at 11:45 pm

Thanks to the continual persistence of my roommate, I’ve given in and finally joined Twitter. Twitter is a free online service in the category of “microblogging,” which allows users to post 140-character messages (ostensibly answering the question “What are you doing?”) and connect with a community of friends. (In some ways, it’s an entire social networking site based solely on status updates like the ones on Facebook.) So what does this mean for you, the loyal TLB reader? Two things. First of all, it’s a new way to be connected to TLB and receive updates on posts. Thanks to a service called twitterfeed, I’ve set up my Twitter account so that every time I post an entry here on the blog, a “tweet” notification will be posted to my Twitter page. If you have a Twitter account, you can “follow” (the equivalent of “friending”) me and be notified whenever there’s a new post here. And second, one of the cool things about Twitter is that it can be updated at any time by a simple text message from a mobile phone. So every once in a while (or maybe more than that), if I’m listening to something interesting, attending a concert, or composing, I’ll use my phone to post a short “tweet” to my Twitter page. Kinda like a mini blog post (thus the term “microblogging”). So head to Twitter and check it out!




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    Mike Morabito on 01.23.2009

    EXCELLENT definition of Twitter, I will use this as a link for future reference, if someone asks me “What’s Twitter all about?”. It is really ideal for the purposes of a listening blog because you can post that your at a certain concert and other people could meet up with you at that concert, etc.

    Very cool and welcome to the twitterverse.


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    Darth_Harbison on 01.23.2009

    Okay, so, I have no problem with Twitter or with you using it, and I think it’ll probably add another cool dimension to things, but . . .

    All I have to say is, “Twitter,” “Tweet,” and “Twitterverse” may be the dumbest terms in the history of the internet.

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    ryan fleming on 01.23.2009

    I really like this idea. It allows me to narrow down the list of websites I vist. Instead of checking both twitter and TLB I can just check twitter and automatically find out if I should go to TLB. This is great!

    Plus I really like the idea of you being able to post a musical thought right when you think it. Not only that but others can post there musical thoughts to twitter.

    This will aslo probably help you get more response and feedback to your posts.

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