A Look At Coldplay In The Studio

Posted by AJ Harbison at 6:39 am

In the News section of Coldplay’s website, they have a blog written anonymously by “Roadie #42″ with updates from tours and time in the studio. The latest post is an interesting look inside their latest stint in the recording studio with Brian Eno. Even if you’re not particularly interested in Coldplay, the blog post is cool because it explains part of the role of a producer in the making of an album (which not too many people understand), and it’s fascinating to be brought into the band’s creative process. It’s well-written too; my favorite passage: “One of my favourite tracks from these sessions comes from a drum loop [drummer Will Champion] brings into the studio early on. It’s like the backing track from Lost! has been struck down with a very heavy fever and has taken off on safari through a surrealist painting.” Check it out!

“Roadie #42 – Blog #66 (#42 is our mole in the studio)”



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