"As Slow As Possible," John Cage

Posted by AJ Harbison at 3:29 am

While looking at some websites about John Cage for my last post, I came across this interesting one. In addition to his famous controversial pieces like 4’33”, he apparently also wrote a piece called “As Slow As Possible.” One current performance, which began in 2001, is scheduled to finish (after being performed very quickly) in 2640, a mere 639 years in duration. Allegedly more than 100 people showed up two and a half years ago to hear the chord in the piece change. The article is from May 2006, but I assume that the performance is still going on.

“John Cage’s Long Music Composition in Germany Changes a Note”

It’s a shame that avant-garde music like this doesn’t make much money. Anyone with a reasonable amount of intelligence could be a millionaire!



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    Rauta Tanwënya on 02.07.2009

    your link doesn’t work again 😛

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    AJ Harbison on 02.07.2009

    What link doesn’t work? All the HTML is correct and I checked all the links in the post and they seem to work for me….

    AJ Harbison

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    Rauta Tanwënya on 02.08.2009

    huh… when I tried the link to the Post article it took me to a weird page that was mostly blank. It worked this time.

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