Prospekt's March, Coldplay: First Impressions

Posted by AJ Harbison at 6:37 pm

Last week I finally got around to listening to Prospekt’s March, Coldplay‘s EP companion to Viva La Vida. The album is a set of songs that weren’t finished by the deadline for Viva, as well as the full version of “Life In Technicolor” (complete with lyrics), a remix of “Lovers In Japan” and a new version of “Lost!” featuring a rap by Jay-Z.

I’ve listened to it twice now on my iPod at night, both for the purpose of listening to it and for the purpose of calming my mind and trying to rid it of wedding planning thoughts so I could fall asleep. And it’s every bit as fascinating as Viva was on its first few listens. It’s even more experimental and out there as the full album, and just as full of energy, just as creative, and just as poignant. It runs the gamut from the quiet piano solo track “Postcards From Far Away” to the exuberant rock-out-ness of “Glass Of Water,” from the quiet, bare guitar-and-voice intro to the title track to only-strings and only-brass accompaniments in “Rainy Day” and “Now My Feet Won’t Touch The Ground.” The EP remains interested in the questions and issues of mortality, spawning another set of well-written and thought-provoking lyrics. In sum, it’s an excellent chaser to Viva La Vida.

Each of the songs is so interesting in and of itself, and so unique, that when I return from my honeymoon I’m planning another weeklong series so I can look at each of them individually. And in the meantime, check it out and take a listen!



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