TLB Returns… With A Vengeance

Posted by AJ Harbison at 11:38 pm

Forgive me, dear readers–it’s been now nearly ten days since my last post. I’ve been busy, between planning the final details for the wedding, trying to unpack a new apartment and actually trying to see my fiancée every once in a while in the middle of it all. But I have returned! And even though there’s only one week left until the wedding (!!), I will try to be better about posting more consistently.

Just a short post this evening; I want to tell you about a few new outlets that I’ve recently hooked TLB up to. The ones you already know:

- This site – http://www.thelisteningblog.com.

- RSS feed – http://www.thelisteningblog.com/feeds/posts/default.

- Twitter – http://twitter.com/listeningblog.

The new ones:

- LinkedIn: I’ve had a profile on LinkedIn for a while, but this week when I was there I noticed a new application called Blog Link which connects to your blog and posts snippets of your entries on your profile. http://www.linkedin.com/in/ajharbison.

- Facebook: I’ve also had a Facebook profile for a while, but I’ve recently switched over the Notes importer from my old Matrix blog to TLB–so now my TLB posts show up on Facebook as Notes. AJ’s Notes on Facebook.

So there you go–two brand-new ways to connect to your favorite listening blog. And I promise I’ll give you a real post in a day or two. Stay tuned–keep on listening!

P.S. For those of you who may be interested in learning more about Twitter, or reading a good take on it, I found this article today on the New York Times website, by David Pogue, who is a terrific tech writer. Check it out, if you’d like: “Twitter? It’s what you make it”



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