The World's Most Unwanted Song

Posted by AJ Harbison at 8:50 pm

Last week I came across this website that looked intriguing (I can’t remember how I got there). Apparently some scientists and artists did a research study to determine the least desirable qualities of songs, and put them all together to create “the world’s most unwanted song,” supposedly one that “fewer than 200 individuals of the world’s total population will enjoy.” (For all you math fans, that’s 0.00000296% of the population of the world.) The song features a length of over 25 minutes, instrumentation including accordion, banjo and bagpipe, and styles ranging from atonal music and rap to advertising jingles and elevator music. I haven’t listened to the song myself yet, but it’s there on the page for you to check out–if you dare.

World’s Most Unwanted Song



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    Albert on 03.03.2009

    Haha! Thanks for this. Like a community-generated PDQ Bach piece. For some reason the song itself is only 22 minutes long (not that I’m complaining).

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    rumcreeters on 03.12.2009

    I’ve seen and heard this before! I love it! It was featured on an episode of This American Life (one of my favorite public radio shows), but I had been to the website before then.

    It’s interesting seeing what various countries’ “most wanted/unwanted paintings” are, too. I think all countries except Holland had basically the same answers. All (except Holland) most wanted some sort of landscape with lots of blues, and all (except Holland) least wanted some sort of abstract. And Holland’s most and least wanted? The exact opposite. Haha.


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