Despite what I wrote a month ago, partly because I finally got the physical copy of the album, I’ve been listening quite a lot to Stockholm Syndrome, Derek Webb’s latest record. One of the tracks that has stood out to me is “I Love/Hate You,” one of his self-so-called “sabotaged love songs” (or at least I presume that it’s one of those songs). His philosophy is that although most love songs are “you’re great, I’m great, we’re great together, our love is great,” real life is not like that, being something more like “I’m broken, you’re broken, our love is messed up but we’re still committed to making it work” (he’s said “The truth will kill a good love song”). “I Love/Hate You” is the latest installment in the series, and follows a similar pattern as the previous versions, talking about a love that is simultaneously messy and even dangerous (“Your love is a noose around my neck”) and yet also a necessary and integral part of who he is (“But I don’t know who I am unless you’re holding me”). And the music makes it one of my favorite tracks on the album. It opens with an Eastern-sounding flute line, which makes for an interesting blend and contrast with the synthesized beat that enters next. This is one of the songs that bothered me due to its exact repetition, as I wrote about in my intial review; each of the three verses repeats its opening line three times, with no variation. But I believe it’s an intentional artistic decision on Webb’s part, and when paired with the hypnotic synths that fill out the harmony, it creates a trance-like effect that’s really cool. And I think the music of the chorus is some of the most accessible and Top 40-sounding on the album, along the lines of “Cobra Con” (and I when I say “Top 40” I mean it in a good way–it sounds more like pop music, and less like electronic, and thus may be appealing to a wider variety of listeners). It’s another fun and very listenable song on my latest favorite album. You can hear the song in its entirety by playing the YouTube video below.



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    Courtney Patino on 11.10.2009

    Alright, this may sound weird, but the sound kind of reminded me of Sting. LIke 1999 “Brand New Day” Sting. Something about the flute and drum Eastern vibe and the mantra like verses. Hmmm. And his voice a little bit too. Just a thought.

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