Stockholm Syndrome Remixed

Posted by AJ Harbison at 5:08 pm

As part of the highest tier of preorders available for Stockholm Syndrome, Derek Webb offered a disk of full album multi-track stems for remixing–in other words, the original recorded tracks for the album, so that they could be digitally altered and manipulated by others into remixes. A cool idea. The remixes all have a home at SoundCloud, and the Stockholm Syndrome group can be found here:


Not all of them are particularly creative, but I really liked “Black Eye (Shiner Mix)” by user anothermisty. It was an excellent example of taking the original material and doing something unique with it–something that was clearly derivative of the original but took it in a new creative direction. My favorite thing that anothermisty did was take Derek’s vocal track, duplicate it, and manipulate the pitch, thereby adding a harmony vocal line that didn’t exist in the original song. Very cool. “Cobra Con (Acoustic Remix)” is fun too, as it retains only the acoustic guitar tracks and the vocals from the original. “8-bit ConGame,” another remix of “Cobra Con,” imagines the song as music from a Nintendo game back in the day, with Webb’s vocals superimposed (quite quickly) over the chords of the chorus played in a loop. On its own it might not be terribly interesting, but if you know how the song goes, it’s cool to see how the different sections of the song interact.

Those are the highlights, but some of the others are interesting in their own ways. And you can keep checking back, since more will continue to be added as they’re created!



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