The first track on Prospekt’s March, “Life In Technicolor II,” is the full version of “Life In Technicolor,” the first track on Viva La Vida. It’s the same song, but minus the opening electronics, extended, and with lyrics, unlike the instrumental first version. It still retains the same compositionally excellent unfolding structure that I wrote about last February: the perfect, gradually additive balance of repetition and contrast. One interesting thing to note is that the dark, bracing lyrics (“Oh baby, it’s a violent world”) contrast over against the happy, carefree style of the music. And it’s also in this song that the lyrical phrase “Now my feet won’t touch the ground” is introduced on this album. Taking Prospekt’s March as an extension of Viva La Vida, the first occurrence of the phrase is found in “Strawberry Swing,” the penultimate track of the first record; and by virtue of its appearance in “Life In Technicolor II” and as the title of the last track of the second, it becomes almost a theme–again one that deals with mortality, in this case picturing death as freedom. That theme, and the fresh, original sound of the music, set the stage for the rest of the album to come.



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    Mark Harbison on 02.23.2010

    I don’t know that I agree that the lyrics and the music contrast at all. The lyrics have some darkness in them, sure, but the song seems to me to be more about hope than anything. All of the dark stuff resolves into the chorus (Love don’t let me go) and the second verse in particular resolves from “Time came creeping, oh time’s a loaded gun” to “Still, it’s such a beautiful night.” The song shows the author/singer looking at the world and having no delusions about it being perfect, but still being able to see the goodness and beauty in it (even man-made beauty, ’cause those streetlights glowing are just awesome).

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    Wandprospekthalter Lang-DIN ARTLINE | Moderner Entwurf & Quälität on 03.06.2010

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