In an interesting twist for a mainstream pop music album, the second track of Prospekt’s March is a piano solo. Clocking in at 47 seconds, “Postcards From Far Away” was written by frontman Chris Martin between recording sessions for Viva La Vida. While the piano style isn’t foreign to modern pop piano playing–alternating notes in the right hand, and a simple “oom-pah” accompaniment in the left hand–the chord progressions are reminiscent of the early Romantic period, and the whole piece sounds almost Schubert-esque. It ends, after a long drawn-out Gsus chord, on a G major chord–or rather just a B-natural, suggesting G major, after a piece in B-flat major (in which G would usually be minor); it creates a Picardy third-type effect. Another unique song on a unique album that continues to portend even better things to come.



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