“Lost+,” Prospekt’s March, Coldplay

Posted by AJ Harbison at 12:37 pm

The sixth track on Prospekt’s March is “Lost+,” one of the four versions of the song that the band has recorded. All of them have a unique symbol after “Lost” to designate which version it is. The first to be released, “Lost?”, is a piano-solo acoustic version; “Lost!” was the track on Viva La Vida; “Lost@” is a live version recorded in Chicago; and “Lost+” is the Prospekt’s March track, designated “+” because it features an extended solo section with a rap by Jay-Z about success and its consequences. Other than the rap, which is pretty well-written and well-performed, the song is essentially the same as the Viva La Vida track: the same progression, cool sampled percussion and sweet lyrics. The rap occurs over an extended verse chord progression, and a choir enters subtly in the background to fill out the sound; at the line “success is like suicide,” the guitar solo from the original song begins. When the rap is finished, the song ends the same way the original did. You can read my thoughts on the original song, and how I first fell in love with it, here.



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