The penultimate track on Prospekt’s March is the “Osaka Sun” remix of “Lovers In Japan,” a song from Viva La Vida. It’s almost exactly the same as the album version, which is pretty disappointing, especially considering how cool the acoustic version is (which was a bonus track included in the iTunes preorder of Viva La Vida). It’s a fun song though, with a unique sound: toy piano, rhythmic snare pattern, shiny electric guitars that fill out the sound and add character. The chorus maintains the same feel and instrumentation but adds a couple of electric guitar riffs to add intensity. The main difference in the remix is the addition of some background vocals after the first chorus and a slightly more lively tempo. I would have liked something a little further removed from the album version, but at least I have the acoustic version to fulfill that desire.

And there’s only one song remaining….



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