Concerning Alarm Clocks

Posted by AJ Harbison at 3:11 pm

I usually wake up before my lovely wife during the week (or, at least, I’m supposed to), as her classes and work schedule start later than I usually get to work. I like to let her sleep a little longer when I get up, so I try to set my phone’s alarm at as low a volume as possible so that it’ll be enough to wake me up but not enough to wake her up. But recently she’s been waking up more often with my alarm, even though I’ve chosen a ringtone that I can set to a very quiet level.

I have a theory as to why this is. (Well… I don’t have any evidence to support it, so I guess it’s really more of a hypothesis.) My idea is that she is subconsciously listening for the sound of my phone’s alarm going off–the particular ringtone that I have it set to. She knows what the alarm will sound like, and so her mind is subconsciously listening for that and is more attuned to that sound. I hypothesize that if I changed the ringtone to something else, equally as quiet in volume but a different song/sound, she wouldn’t be as easily awakened by it. Perhaps I’ll try to test it this week. What do y’all think? Does that sound like it makes sense?



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