Music From A Tree, Diego Stocco

Posted by AJ Harbison at 11:05 pm

N.B. Thanks to my friend DJ for pointing me to this on Facebook….

This is cool. Composer Diego Stocco uses handheld microphones, a stringed instrument bow, a guitar pick, a pencil sharpener, a modified stethoscope, a MacBook Pro and ProTools to create music from a tree in his backyard. Check out the videos and photos here:

Music From A Tree

Then he did the same thing, on a smaller scale, with a bonsai tree:

Music From A Bonsai Tree

Very creative, and it sounds cool too. I dig it. What do you think?

Music From A Tree, Diego Stocco



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    Courtney on 08.05.2011

    That is damn cool. Thanks for sharing!

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